Planning Your Dream Trip


Planning Your Dream Trip

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Destination Wedding Design and Custom Travel Planning

 Anniversary and milestone trips
 Family vacations
 Special interest groups

When you work with me, you get:

  • A Complimentary Travel Planning Session
  • Recommendations based on your needs for your special trip
  • Customized itineraries – see what you want to see, go where you want to go
  • Exclusive Honeymoon additions and offers
  • Exclusive cruises offering extra amenities and excursions
  • VIP services (because you cannot VIP yourself) offered at many hotels and tours
  • Special services. Ever wanted a backstage tour, concert tickets, perhaps a tour of a private art collection in London or arrange for a silk suit to be made while you are in Hong Kong? I can do that.
  • Destination guide and insider tips emailed to you before you depart
  • All the details of your trip, organized and easily accessible to you
  • Prompt return on any questions, additions, and requests
  • Personalized availability before and during your vacation — and a touch-base when you return

The Process

Want more information? Ready to get started on your dream trip?

Just click the button below to get your complimentary travel planning session and more details emailed directly to you!

Get Acquainted

It all starts with a complimentary travel planning session! Your questions are answered; the process is explained and recommendations are offered and discussed.

Proposal and Details

Vacation and Group Proposals are prepared for you that showcase your wish list and highlight recommendations. Fine details are included, and all current promotions are listed such as how to earn group benefits, honeymoon bonuses, price promotions and wedding package details.

Book Your Travel

We discuss the Proposals and ultimately book your travel! Based upon your feedback, further proposals are provided until we know it is the one. And then I set it all up for you!

Details Secured

Wish list items are granted. Along with the flights, hotels, and transportation, I secure your wedding dates, wedding venues, and offer help with vendors. Also, those special items are set in place like private dining, excursions and tours, event tickets, surprise events and parties.

Free Website

We create a free website with all your destination wedding booking details, perfect to add into your wedding invitations. We can also create a honeymoon registry website where guests can contribute easily online.

Stress Free Bookings

Guests contact me directly to book, ask questions, and discuss options. You are kept up to date on who has booked, deadlines, and further updates as your guest list grows and it gets closer to your big day.

Travel Documents

As your travel days near, your travel documents are sent to you and your group. With your air tickets and confirmations, more information is provided such as travel guides, tips, and need to know information.

Vacation Begins

You are off on vacation now! If you need any help while traveling, I am there for you. When you return from your vacation, I love to learn of your exciting experience and take note of your important feedback.

Master Travel Plan

Learning your passions and your likes and dislikes over time allows me to create and recommend options that are tailored for you. By staying in touch, you will hear from me when an amazing opportunity comes up that I believe that you will love, and you can reach out to me anytime with ideas and travel wish list items!